10 tips for more sustainability when camping!

Hand in hand with nature

1. when checking in or waiting for a long time - switch off the engine!

Whether you're checking in or stuck in a traffic jam, if you're standing in your camper, switch off the engine.

2. regional shopping

To shop sustainably in your holiday destination - check out the regional markets in the area! Many towns have delightful markets and shops so you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest. It's best to take your own bag with you 😉

3. take your own water bottle with you!

...you can conveniently refill them on the go at any time!

Turn it down low!

Only use the air conditioning, heating, radio and lights when you really need them and make sure that you change gear early and drive at low revs and with foresight. This will also take a bit of stress out of the journey 😉

Three rubbish bins against a yellow background

Leave all the places as you found them!

And dispose of your waste properly. There are different disposal guidelines in all countries. Find out about the local conditions and separate your waste as well as possible!

6. use bicycle & public transport even on holiday.

Most resorts have a well-developed public transport network and bike rental stations, or you can bring your own bike! Tip: You can also borrow an e-scooter for your trip! On 2 wheels you can discover the surroundings in a whole new way!

7. it's better to travel - with light luggage!

When packing, think carefully about what you want to take with you. Many campsites now have washing machines if you want to wash your clothes. From experience, we can say that you usually pack too much - so it's better to pack a few items efficiently.

VW T3 red Bulli in Croatia

8.less is more!

This also applies to your hygiene products. Use soaps and shampoos with as few additives as possible. Ideal for camping: solid soaps! These are now also available in practical fabric bags. This saves you packaging and space!

9 Decelerated thinking!

Instead of always pushing yourself along motorways - treat yourself to the wonderful curves on the scenic roads. Although countries such as Italy or Croatia often only allow 100km/h on these roads, you get to enjoy incredible sights and photo spots! These roads are marked on many road maps. In Italy, for example, you can also use them to save on motorway tolls 😉

10. treat local people with respect.

Check out the conditions, customs and traditions beforehand and familiarise yourself with your destination. This way you can always create a relaxed holiday atmosphere that you can enjoy to the full.