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Low Emission Zone Germany Sign

Low emission zones & badges

In order to reduce traffic-related air pollution, a few countries have had so-called environmental zones for some years now, which may only be entered with the correct environmental badge. We give you an overview here and show you where you can check out more information.

Attention - If you do not have the correct sticker when entering an environmental zone, you could face heavy fines!


In Germany there are already so-called environmental zones in 56 cities. These zones may only be entered with a green sticker. Depending on the classification of the vehicle, you will receive a red, yellow or green sticker. You can find out herewhat requirements you have to fulfil to get a green sticker.

Don't worry, all our vans are already equipped with the green environmental badge - so nothing stands in the way of your trip to Germany!

How do you get your badge?

In Austria, it's very easy at the ÖAMTC bases.



Similar to German cities, there is also a separate sticker for the environmental zones in France, called Zone à Circulation Restrainte (ZCR).

Where you can check out the so-called Crit'Air Vignette:

On the homepage of the French Ministry of the Environment you can get the sticker for € 4,51.

By the way, the German badge is NOT recognised in France!



In Belgium the regulation is slightly different, here you only have to register the number plate before travelling here.



Green environmental badge Germany

Other city and country regulations:

In some cities there are city toll tickets, these can usually be purchased locally.

Italy has even stricter regulations! There is a complete driving ban in some zones - these are marked with "Zona Traffico Limitato".


You can also find detailed information here on the ÖAMTC website.


You can find out what you need to know about low emission zones in some countries here!