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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question - our answer!

Here you will find the frequently asked questions and our answers.
If you still have questions, just write to us at hello@fanvan.at - we look forward to receiving your mail!

Rental & Cancellation Conditions

Can I choose which FanVan I rent?
With which driving licence can I drive a campervan?
What are the current cancellation conditions ? (Covid-19)
How long can I rent my FanVan?
Which countries am I allowed to travel to?
How old do I have to be to rent a FanVan?
Can I rent my FanVan for a longer period of time?

All about collection & return

How does the collection of my FanVan work?
How does the return of my FanVan work?
What documents do I need for the collection?
Do I have to collect my FanVan in person?
Is there a drop-off and pick-up service?
When can I collect and return my FanVan?
Can I park my own car for the duration of the holiday?
Are there any petrol stations near the pick-up point?
Is there a kilometre limit?

Payment, costs, deposit

How much does a van cost?
When is the rent payable?
How much is the deposit?
What is the service fee?
Do I have to pay a handling fee?

FanVan equipment and extras

What equipment is available in my FanVan?
What models are there to choose from?
What are the dimensions of my FanVan?
How many people can travel and sleep in the vans?
Can I take my pets with me?
Is there a trailer coupling for my FanVan?
Is there a bicycle holder with my FanVan?
What additional equipment can I rent with my FanVan?
How much does the additional equipment cost?
At what age does camping with children make sense?
Is it possible to attach child seats?
Do I have to pay for diesel, oil,... myself?

What happens if something happens? - Damage and insurance

Should an accident occur - please contact us IMMEDIATELY on +43 676 528 24 10 (24/7) - we will be happy to support you in this situation!

How do I proceed in the event of damage?
What happens if I get a parking ticket?
What costs should I expect in the event of damage?
What insurance options are available?
How high is the deductible in the event of a claim?
Do I need travel cancellation insurance?

Info & tips (for on the road)

How do I find the best camping/parking site?
FR, DE, BE,...Where do I need an environmental plan chain?
What is there to know about tolls in Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal,...? to know?
What should I bear in mind when travelling by ferry?
What preparations are needed before the holiday?
How can I make my holiday sustainable?
Where can I refuel my car near the base?